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Injury Prevention

International safety awards 2017 - Applications now open

Kapiti Coast restaurant bans doggy bags, citing health and safety risk

ACC confident despite 3.4bn deficit

How to heal head injuries? Try new app

Constant use of cell phones causes neck pain, Ontario chiropractors warn

Spend money to save money': paramedics union calls for investment in injury prevention

Hand injuries - Don't loose your most useful tool

Help shape ACC levy levels

Uber brings safety selfies to the US

Debt, homelessness, domestic violence: the GP practice acting as one-stop-shop



Alcohol & drugs 

Alcohol may work as an antidepressant, study says

Alcohol and rapid antidepressants have same effects on the brain

What is 'hangover free' synthetic free alcohol, and is it safe?

Report: One things kills Americans more than guns or car accidents

Alcohol addiction may impact neurocognitive skills in elderly

Most dangerous place to drink alcohol is at home

Attitudes to alcohol, study

Small amounts of alcohol increase risk of atrial fibrillation, study finds

Alcohol a no-go after liver transplants

Children as young as nine with alcohol and drug addiction



Violence & Abuse

Indigenous people must find a voice to condem domestic violence

Officials to speak on helping domestic violence survivors stay safe from electronic abuse

New phone number to connect women experiencing domenstic violence with support immediately

WU 101' class provides students with resources to prevent sexual violence

An open invitation to New Zealand's high profile women

Why domestic violence is an economic issue

Prevalent and Preventable Conference examines how to end domestic violence

Children have profound reactions to family violence, can't be treated with blanket approach, report finds

Trauma-informed school discipline and preventing sexual assault

GW releases results of unwanted sexual behaviour climate survey



Child & youth

How the Ministry of Vulnerable Children's boss plans to cut child abuse rates

5 tips to protect your children from furniture tip-over accidents

Midwives hit back at safety study

Children's safety more important than the rights of dog owners

Cyber safety month deals with the dangers of digital

Tolley: fostering Kids New Zealand Conference

Study: adding variety to activity lowers risk for childhood injury

9 sports injuries that sideline kids

EU-UNICEF partnership helps address learning and protection needs of children and youth affected by the Syrian crisis

Safety a concern for at-risk Dunedin youth



Suicide and Self Harm 

How is the world feeling' app tackles global suicide rates by conducting the world's largest mental health study

Why men's suicide attempts are fatal

Suicide rate hits 10 year high and demntia poised to become leading cause of death

Preventing suicide and comforting those who have lost loved ones

Teen's mission to confront suicide earns trip to Silicon Valley

Suicide by health professionals: a retrospective mortality study in Australia 2001 - 2012

Why young children are dying by suicide

National must get serious on suicide prevention

Social connectedness can escalate suicide risk, study finds

Eliminating suicide goal urged



Traffic and Road Safety

Wheels start moving on NZTA's $600m rumble for rural road safety

International Transport Forum calls for paradigm shift in road safety measuresFunction to stop speedsters from using accelerator 'the way to cut road deaths'

Air pollution could be to blame for hundreds of traffic accidents, warn researchers

Chrsitchurch event promotes motorcycle safety

Event aimed at teaching the dangers of texting and driving

Report shows payoff of roadway safety investments

Lack of road safety education costing young lives

Googles self-driving car damaged badly in accident

Bicycle helments reduce risk of serious head injuries by nearly 70%, study finds

First-in-Japan project aims to prevent smartphone related accidents



Safe365 stamps out uncertainty around Kiwi workplace health and safety

Waimate 50 grapples with cost of health and safety 'red tape'

New workplace health and safety literacy and numeracy programme funded

Preventing violence: How far does HR have to go?

Some South Canterbury famers not sure of health and safety regulations

Community resilience and PTSD: Firefighter Health & Safety

Fatal cases: health and safety lessons for businesses

Privacy battle brewing over use of voice, video recorders to prevent rail accidents

London Construction is leading the world in health and safety

Global firm launches workplace health and safety app



Elderly Injury Prevention

CDC suggests measures to avoid falls, leading cause of injury and death among elderly in US

Preventing the number one cause of injury in older adults

Falls, injuries a major concern for older residents

Seniors can reduce chance of falls at home

Meals on wheels to host luncheons on elderly falls prevention

Sensors predict elderly falls, without wearables

Program aims to help elderly from falling

Fall prevention methods work for elderly

Agewise: Tips for preventing falls by the elderly

Experts call for greater awareness of sarcopenia among elderly



Quitting smoking first step towards better, healthier, longer, happier life

Smoking materials like cigarettes among top accidental fire death causes

5 tips to help smokers quit during Stoptober 2016

E-cigarettes flavourings make it more toxic for users, second hand smokers

What smokers need to quit

Smoking: can nurses improve quit rates over usual care?

Benefits of smoking cessation or harm reduction by vaping

Smokefree researchers want more expensive, uglier rolling tobacco

The sugar industry used big Tobacco techniques

Another cost of smoking - sky high insurance



Water Safety

Being safe on the water

Fustration water safety lessons not being learnt

17000 more confident in the water

Safety on the water a priority

Is swimming safe during pregnancy?

Respect the water: Seaside safety advice we should all keep in mind

New data from Prevent Blindness shows most sports-related eye injuries are from water and pool activities

How to keep children safe in the water

The key to boating safety: Be ready for emergencies

Outreach: Addressing higher numbers of minority drowning victims


Falls prevention

Deterding: Preventing falls in your home

How to fall-proof your home

To prevent falls, it may pay to remodel the house

ACC to spend $30 million on preventing falls

Green light for falls prevention programme

Sports safety

Health and safety gone mad as primary school bans children from running

How to read the signs your child has an overuse sports injury (and prevent them in future)

Ask the expert: Prevting sports injuries

International boxing expert does not back charity fights for safety reason

Sharp rise in youth soccer injuries calls for greater prevention efforts

medi USA and Topical Gear partner on injury prevention in the Sports Medicine industry

NZ Rugby and ACC team up to focus on player safety

How New Zealand rugby foundation cares for its broken players

Sports injuries on the rise: Local orthopedic surgeon offers tips to prevent sports injuries

The sport of staying injury free