Together we can all live, work and play free from injury.

About us

Injury Prevention Aotearoa provides a national voice for injury prevention in New Zealand. We bring together the injury prevention sector and advocate for the prevention and reduction of intentional and unintentional injury. Together we can all live, work and play free from injury.


When we talk about injury we talk about intentional and unintentional injury. These include:

Intentional Injury – injuries that are deliberate e.g. from abuse, suicide, sexual assault
Unintentional Injury – injuries where there was no plan or intent e.g. from a motor vehicle crash, fall, drowning.


  • We raise the profile of injury prevention by providing a collective national voice.
  • We provide up-to-date information, resources and events to further injury prevention knowledge and best practice.
  • We promote and support the development of specific Māori- and Pacific-focused injury prevention initiatives.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate achievements within the injury prevention sector.
  • We positively influence policy development and legislation relating to the prevention of injury.


Injury Prevention Aotearoa is funded by Ministry of Health. We are a committed Te Tiriti o Waitangi partner. 

Like to know more? Injury Prevention Aotearoa's Constitution 2015.